DIY Valentine-Themed Napkin Rings

This is a simple Valentine-themed napkin ring that anyone can make.  All you need is a set of napkin rings (thinner designs work best), some wire, and buttons, beads, or charms.

Begin by threading the buttons, beads, or charms onto the wire to make a design.  Here, I used letter beads and hearts to spell out the word “love.”  I put a red button on each end to hold the beads in place.  Once all the beads and buttons are on, wrap the ends of the wire around the napkin ring to secure it.  I made sure to tuck the sharp ends in, so that they wouldn’t prick my sweetie!

Below is another version that can be made with heart-shaped buttons or charms in coordinating Valentine colors, simply hang a large button or charm in the middle by threading the wire through only one hole (if using a button) and then twisting the wire so that it dangles down.  Secure the wire to the napkin ring as directed above.

These look so cute on napkins!

See how the heart dangles downward?

The very best part?  When dinner is over, simply unwind the wire, and the napkin rings are ready to be customized for the next holiday!  If you carefully remove the buttons and beads you can even re-use the wire.

I am brainstorming Spring designs, so check back in the coming months for more DIY napkin rings like these!