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Lavender Sweet Treats to Make This Month

This spring, I bought some lavender to grow amongst the herbs in my garden. After purchasing the plant, I promised my family I would make lavender ice cream before the end of summer.… Continue reading

Homemade Hypertufa Pots

This week, my friend Megan and I spent an afternoon outside mixing and molding homemade pots from hypertufa.  What is hypertufa, you ask?  Hypertufa is the mixture that results from combining equal parts… Continue reading

Why I Love My Rosemary Bush

Last fall, I planted a Huntington Carpet Rosemary bush just as it was beginning to flower with delicate, bluish-violet blooms. The bush is flourishing now in the warmer months and is growing like… Continue reading

A Raised Planter

I spent much of the day today traveling, but I did make a pit stop and find some gardening inspiration.  Lately, I have been thinking about adding a planter or raised-bed to my… Continue reading

Indoor Gardening for Dummies (or Me)

I am not the world’s greatest gardener, and I am not shy about it.  I think there are a lot of people who wish they could create beautiful gardens (indoors or outdoors), but… Continue reading

It’s Time for Landscaping… Again

As the rain subsides and the weather begins to warm again, I find myself thinking about landscaping.  We have one small project yet to do to finish off our lawn and front yard… Continue reading

Les Fleurs

Look at what I got today from some very special people!  The flowers aren’t from my garden, but they sure are lovely… I really should use more bud vases and small arrangements around… Continue reading

Crafty April: Herb Garden Markers

These homemade garden markers made from polymer clay are too clever! I found this craft project by reading a blog post featured on Freshly Pressed (that I can no longer find in the… Continue reading

So Long, Tomato Dream

Each year, I eagerly buy a slew of flowers, several herbs, and a few tomato plants at the local nursery for seasonal gardening.  Then, I cheerily drive home, humming excitedly as I think… Continue reading

Waiting for Spring…

In my little corner of the world, we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter and I’ve been fighting the urge to plant something since January. In order to appease my brown (or black) thumb,… Continue reading

Outdoor Pots and Planters: Out of My Budget?

In my quest to transform my front “yard” into a welcoming oasis, I have spent many afternoons in local nurseries, home improvement warehouses, rock yards, and discount garden supply stores.  Lately, I have… Continue reading

Misadventures in Landscaping

I have been toiling away landscaping in my front “yard” since July now.  Each weekend, I spend a considerable amount of time out there, and by now, my “yard” has experienced quite a… Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. VI

Here are a few tricks that reuse common items for the home and garden: ◊  Recycle Paint Sticks in the Garden This first tip is all about two “green” ways to use leftover… Continue reading

Knock-Out Rose Update

I am sure that you all have been waiting on pins and needles to hear an update on how my Sunny Knock-Out Roses are doing since my initial post last month………Well, wait no… Continue reading