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Artichokes at Home

Why do I love the artichoke?  To me, it’s a shapely thistle that looks delicate and complicated all at once.  It is also welcoming, and apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks… Continue reading

Where Are The Lambs?

Although this winter went out like a lamb, it surprises me how few lambs I see in stores for Spring decorating. Besides the fact that lambs are cute, they also have a religious… Continue reading

In Defense of Books…

I love books. I know that I’ve said that before, but if you come to my home, you will see them in almost every room. I have a wide variety of genres too:… Continue reading

In My Mind’s Eye: Color Overload!

I have been thinking of color a lot lately ~ probably because I’ve been reading color studies, spending a lot of time outdoors, and driving around town with the windows down drinking in… Continue reading

Seeing Red at Home

Red is one of my favorite colors, both to wear, and to use in decorating.  I find that I am naturally attracted to warm, vibrant colors, especially reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, with… Continue reading

DIY Decorative Picks for Houseplants

Perhaps I was thinking a little too long about wooden skewers yesterday, but I started coming up with other ideas to use up a large package of skewers I initially bought for grilled… Continue reading

A Christmas Tree Closet?!?!

Recently I was talking to a family member who told me an interesting story that I just knew I had to share here. Apparently, this family member had a friend whose husband couldn’t… Continue reading

Fall Flourishes at Home

Everywhere I go, the signs of fall abound. I can feel the season in the crisp freshness of the cool morning air. I can see it in the palette of red, gold, and… Continue reading

Skeleton in a Corner

I purchased a package of plastic skeletons a few years ago to add to my home during Halloween.  They were rather cheap and stiff, and other than hanging them from a banister, window,… Continue reading

Found Treasures: Appetizer Forks

There is something to be said about things that are a bit older.  They’ve been around, they’ve endured the test of time, they’ve witnessed memories.  And this observation is coming from a gal… Continue reading

Dress Your Decor — For Halloween!

As you have probably guessed, I am a big proponent of using materials you already own to achieve fun and interesting new creations.  I especially like all the freakish, googly-eyed, glittery, and frightful… Continue reading

Channeling the Seashore at Home

It’s that time of year when we take vacations or go on a holiday and escape to the lakeside, beaches, or seashore for a little relaxation and recreation. I have been noticing lately… Continue reading

Scrumptious Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

One of my favorite wedding gifts was a large set of cookie cutters with nearly every possible shape. I have used these cutters for countless holidays and parties and just because it was… Continue reading