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MWF Seeks Sturdy Houseplant for Long-Term Relationship

In the past 8-10 weeks I have destroyed two round and prickly cacti, a creeping vine, and one of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen: a burgundy, mint green, and pink-leafed… Continue reading

Red, White, and Blue Week: Outdoor Color

I headed to the local nursery today with plans to inject more color into my front yard.  The waves of heat that have inundated our area for the past month or so are… Continue reading

A Raised Planter

I spent much of the day today traveling, but I did make a pit stop and find some gardening inspiration.  Lately, I have been thinking about adding a planter or raised-bed to my… Continue reading

Giant Landscaping Fail

This has been a blogging fail too – I tried to do a quick post, and the entire post was somehow deleted after I thought I published it! Anyway, this past weekend we… Continue reading

Les Fleurs

Look at what I got today from some very special people!  The flowers aren’t from my garden, but they sure are lovely… I really should use more bud vases and small arrangements around… Continue reading

Crafty April: DIY Personalized Pots

As part of my crafting work for the auction event that I’m preparing for, I customized a few store-bought pots to add to the items for sale.  The pots can be used for… Continue reading

Waiting for Spring…

In my little corner of the world, we’ve had an unseasonably warm winter and I’ve been fighting the urge to plant something since January. In order to appease my brown (or black) thumb,… Continue reading


I spent the morning perusing a few local nurseries and I must confess, for someone with a self-admitted brown thumb…I really enjoy spending time in the garden center.  Perhaps it’s because of the… Continue reading

Knock-Me-Out Roses

There is a reason why this blog doesn’t have a Gardening category.  I kill everything.  Yes, you heard me right, everything.  It’s a really sore spot with me, mostly because I try so… Continue reading