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Mango Passion Fruit Tea Ice Cream

Double ice cream posts, aren’t you lucky? This particular blend of mango passion fruit tea makes one of the best cups of tea I’ve ever had.  Which is a bit ironic, since I’m… Continue reading

Cranberry Ice Cream

Je suis désolée, mes amies.  I have been sick the past few days and I didn’t post yesterday as promised!  But I’m making up for it today with a homemade cranberry ice cream… Continue reading

Lemon Overload: Homemade Ice Cream with Crushed Lemon Candy Topping

As I promised earlier this month — today’s post is an incredibly easy lemon ice cream topped with crushed lemon candies.  I am a sucker for these homemade ice creams (in case you… Continue reading

The Easiest Ever Fresh Blueberry Ice Cream

Despite today being rather overcast, muggy, and way-too-hot for the first week of May, I trudged all over the Earth today — and finished up at the grocery store. Perhaps it was the… Continue reading

Green Tea Ice Cream

This post was originally intended for March because of the focus on green, but alas, things got away from me this past week… I have had the pleasure of a cup of green… Continue reading

Pineapple Ice Cream

Whenever I think of pineapple, I think of Taboo.  You know, the game where you have to get your partner to guess certain words from cards and there are words you cannot say?… Continue reading

Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream with Cardamom

Oh, how I love you, Earl Grey Tea. This ice cream is an ode to my very favorite tea, and arguably, the most popular flavor of tea in the world.  A steaming cup… Continue reading

Orange Tea Ice Cream with Mandarin Puree and Cloves

This month and next, I am exploring the use of tea in my homemade ice cream.  I have many flavors and types of tea that I enjoy, so it has been fun for… Continue reading

Spicy Pumpkin Cheesecake Shooters

If you’re like me, you might have a few extra cans of pumpkin puree lying around this week. I decided to make a quick dessert out of one such can and blend the… Continue reading

Pomegranate Ice Cream

There is something so beautiful to me about the pomegranate.  I think a little bit of my admiration of the pomegranate lies in the fact that pomegranates are messy, delicious fruits filled with… Continue reading

Homemade Coffee Bean Ice Cream

Coffee renders many foolish people temporarily capable of wise actions! – Montesquiou I have tweaked my adaptation of the “Mango Ice Cream” recipe from The Essential Asian Cookbook yet again to create homemade… Continue reading

Pavlova with Blackberries and Honey Drizzle

Sorry, dear readers, I had internet issues earlier, and accidentally posted the wrong thing!  Here is the correct post: It must have been all that whipping up of egg whites that I did… Continue reading

Creamy Tartlets – Three Ways

This post is especially for Robin, my wonderful sister-in-law who is hosting a large, lakeside fête in a few weeks.  She asked me to come up with a fun dessert that would serve… Continue reading

No-Bake Chocolate Hazelnut Pie

This is one of my very favorite pies to make.  Ah…Chocolat. The recipe could not be easier, the chocolate and hazelnut combination is utterly delicious, and this pie is the perfect dessert for… Continue reading

Atypical and Appetizing … Pie and Cheesecake Crusts

I’m a savory-sweets person.  Perhaps this is why I prefer pies and cheesecakes over any other type of dessert.  I’m all about the CRUST, and I love to experiment! I’m sure we have… Continue reading

Very Berry Strawberry Ice Cream

I call this ice cream “Very Berry Strawberry” because it is bursting with fresh strawberries, and with only five ingredients, you really can’t beat this treat! I first made the recipe that follows… Continue reading