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A Literal Sort of Tea Caddy

Well, I’m finally feeling like a human being again, and so happy that it’s Friday!  This week has been a hard one for me, so I may spend some of tomorrow brainstorming White… Continue reading

My First Tea Tasting

Yesterday it was beastly hot here.  I mean, oppressive.  And what did I do?  I went to a local tea house for a tea tasting!  Nothing like a few cups of hot tea… Continue reading

Mango Passion Fruit Tea Ice Cream

Double ice cream posts, aren’t you lucky? This particular blend of mango passion fruit tea makes one of the best cups of tea I’ve ever had.  Which is a bit ironic, since I’m… Continue reading

Green Tea Ice Cream

This post was originally intended for March because of the focus on green, but alas, things got away from me this past week… I have had the pleasure of a cup of green… Continue reading

Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream with Cardamom

Oh, how I love you, Earl Grey Tea. This ice cream is an ode to my very favorite tea, and arguably, the most popular flavor of tea in the world.  A steaming cup… Continue reading

Orange Tea Ice Cream with Mandarin Puree and Cloves

This month and next, I am exploring the use of tea in my homemade ice cream.  I have many flavors and types of tea that I enjoy, so it has been fun for… Continue reading

My Favorite Drink

Well, already I’m fibbing a bit, because my favorite alcoholic drink is a margarita on the rocks with a generously salty rim. But this is my go-to beverage, and something I’ve even managed… Continue reading

Customizable Tea Bags

Here is an easy way to customize a tea bag, and add a little personal-li-tea! These tea bags would make fun place cards perched in cups or mugs with the label hanging over… Continue reading

Now These Call for Cookies!

Hey, tea lovers!  Look at what I found today…two charming Linzer cookie-cutting sets, one with a tea/coffee theme, and a set for Halloween too!  I might have to use these soon… Does anyone… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Espresso Cups

I love small, dainty things. I always have. Make any cookware or gadget in miniature form and I will buy it. I’m very much a sucker that way. “Do I really need a… Continue reading

Adding Interest to Paper…With Tea!

I must say that this blog topic combines two of my favorite things: tea, a delicious beverage, and paper, the medium of writers, records, history and literacy. There is something so homey about… Continue reading

Gourmet Gifts on the Cheap

Here are a few great gift ideas for the gourmand in your life. These culinary offerings won’t break the bank [most retail for under $20 total], but they will score you major points… Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. IV

I have been talking about having house guests this week, so in honor of that topic, this is a “guest edition” of my tips and tricks for the home. Recycle Hotel Soaps and… Continue reading