Rainy Day Comfort Food

It’s been downright dreary in my part of the world since Christmas.  We’ve only had a few sun-filled days and rain has dominated our forecast.  For me, rain signals a need for comfort… Continue reading

Easy Paper Curls for Holiday Packages

Is anyone doing any last minute gift wrapping??  As I was finishing up my holiday gifts this year, I used a few scraps of Kraft paper style wrapping paper to make curls that… Continue reading

Embellished Poinsettia Gift Tags

Well, I discovered that despite my best intentions to have this post up over a week ago, I was at the mercy of the postman to deliver the gifts I’d ordered for our… Continue reading

Back in Time for the Holidays…

I’ve been away for a while — life just intruded on my blogging time, but now I’m back! Since September, I’ve been concentrating on healthier living and simpler, seasonal meals — but I… Continue reading

Mums, Wreaths, and All Things Fall

The temperatures are slowly dropping (ever so slowly), and displays of gourds and pumpkins are in the markets.  It must be my favorite season: fall! I, for one, am so glad to say… Continue reading

Inspiration: Politico Pillows and Changes in General

Hello readers, I first want to chat a bit about some changes I’m making on the blog.  I have been working diligently on my fiction writing and I am finding it hard to… Continue reading

Cooking Notes: Lavender Bread Pudding

I didn’t really intend for the lavender bread pudding post to take up so much space on the blog, but as sometimes happens with recipes: once you make and sample a recipe, you… Continue reading

Lavender Bread Pudding

Today we are celebrating the birthday of a good friend, and in her honor, I made this lovely lavender bread pudding from my Culinary Bucket List! I am serving a group of six… Continue reading

Weekend Post!

I’ve been busy with a writing project this week so I missed blogging on Wednesday. Dear readers, I’ll be back tomorrow (Saturday) with a special weekend post on lavender bread pudding! Can’t wait!

Extolling Extracts

In my cooking of late, I have been using extracts to add a little extra oomph to drinks, desserts, and confections. One of my favorites is coconut extract (especially in summer). I recently… Continue reading

Lavender Sweet Treats to Make This Month

This spring, I bought some lavender to grow amongst the herbs in my garden. After purchasing the plant, I promised my family I would make lavender ice cream before the end of summer.… Continue reading

Crafting with a Cinnamon Broom, Part 2

This post is continued from my previous post, “Crafting with a Cinnamon Broom, Part 1” from earlier this week.  I decided to use a store-bought cinnamon broom to make some small, scented wreaths… Continue reading

Crafting with a Cinnamon Broom, Part 1

A little over a week ago, I bought a cinnamon broom for $3.99 at the market.  It’s a bit too early for fall decor, if you ask me, (see my post “Thoughts on… Continue reading

Possibly My Worst Idea Ever

I am admittedly a do-it-yourselfer, and I come from a long line of do-it-yourselfers. Not much intimidates me: I can do drywalling, tiling, electrical wiring, and ugh, even landscaping! My most recent home… Continue reading

Not Quite a BLT: The BA Sandwich

Mmm, do I love bacon.  Since I had a few slices to use up this evening, I decided to make my own version of a bacon sandwich. I didn’t have any tomatoes on… Continue reading

Summertime White Sangria

Although sangria is not just for summer, this delicious white sangria that I made up for my writing group tomorrow is a feast for the eyes — full of bright colors from the… Continue reading