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Rainy Day Comfort Food

It’s been downright dreary in my part of the world since Christmas.  We’ve only had a few sun-filled days and rain has dominated our forecast.  For me, rain signals a need for comfort… Continue reading

Very Last-Minute Vegetarian Mexican Supper

Tonight’s supper was very last-minute. So last-minute, in fact, that I have no photos because I honestly wasn’t sure how my mish-mash of vegetarian ingredients would turn out. I made a small pan… Continue reading

Spanish Supper Fail

It has been stated that people learn more from their failures than their successes.  I believe this is true, but I wish (in the case of food), that learning didn’t involve such a… Continue reading

Arugula Salad with Balsamic Mushrooms, Bacon Strips, Onions, and Egg

I have been trying to eat more green lately … lettuces and greens, vegetables, and the occasional bit of meat. In the month of January, I had two different salads that I thoroughly… Continue reading

Caramelized Onions

I can’t imagine grilling a steak without also serving up some caramelized onions.  I love how the process of caramelizing onions develops and elicits the natural sweetness of the onions.  Throw in some… Continue reading

Adding Spice to Life: Herbes de Provence

Tonight I’m cooking steak and potatoes with a fresh salad for supper, and I thought what better way to add some zest to my russet potatoes than some dried Herbes de Provence? Herbes… Continue reading

Thai Chicken Pizza

Oh my gosh, I love Thai food. I try to go to a Thai restaurant for dinner whenever I can. It must be all the vibrant flavors: lemongrass, coconut, peanut …. ooh, I’m… Continue reading

Sausage Pasta Milano

One of mon mari’s favorite pasta dishes to eat in restaurants is The Macaroni Grill’s Pasta Milano, a rich, bold dish with a garlic cream sauce, chicken, button mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes.*  Shortly… Continue reading