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Back in Time for the Holidays…

I’ve been away for a while — life just intruded on my blogging time, but now I’m back! Since September, I’ve been concentrating on healthier living and simpler, seasonal meals — but I… Continue reading

Thoughts on the Cinnamon Broom

Here we are, in the first few days of August, and what did I see at the store? A display of cinnamon brooms. I usually associate the cinnamon broom with autumn and holidays… Continue reading

Turkey Place Card Holders

This little gaggle of gobblers is a charming addition to any holiday table!  These turkey place card holders are made of sturdy metal and add a touch of whimsy to traditional dinners! I… Continue reading

Holiday Wine Charms

As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, we prepare to visit the homes of relatives and friends for lavish dinners, flowing drinks, and general merriment.  Here are some holiday-themed wine charms that I whipped up… Continue reading

Glitter-Tipped Pine Cones

A few pine cones make a wonderfully affordable, decorative accent any time of year, but especially during the fall and winter months.  These natural accessories are free if you are blessed to have… Continue reading

Pilgrim Hat Button Ornament

I just couldn’t help myself, I had to make this little pilgrim hat from some leftover buttons! I used a black pipe cleaner (maybe I should have used wire), black buttons in various… Continue reading

Turkey Poufs

Last month, I bought a bag of poufy, craft balls in orange, black, and purple, and today I pondered what to do with them.  Then I came up with this idea of tiny… Continue reading

I’m Thankful Place Cards

I just love pumpkins and I’m so glad that I get to use them for two months in a row each year!  November brings us blustery days and chilly evenings and officially starts… Continue reading

Mini Dessert Inspiration

I spent the evening dining at a seasonal restaurant with a good friend and we finished the meal with some mini desserts. Tiny shot glasses filled with sweets are nothing new — but… Continue reading