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Look What I Bought!

I am going to a recipe swap this weekend with some other gals and I’m planning to bring one of my favorite entertaining recipes.  Alas, it’s not mine, but it is by someone… Continue reading

Pork-Loin with Dried Fruit, Pumpkin Butter, and Sweet, Smoky Red Wine Sauce

Today I am celebrating the birthday of a dear friend and recycling a wonderfully savory recipe that I discovered this fall.  I first made Jane Kirby and Kay Chun’s recipe for “Yucatán-Style Pork”… Continue reading

Simple Almond Soap Balls

I have been wanting to make homemade soap since last winter.  One chilly day in December, I found myself in a fancy shop perusing the handmade soaps with their exotic fragrances and ingredients… Continue reading

Candied Bacon

Yes, I really did just say “candied bacon.” When I heard of this recipe from a family friend, I knew that even if it turned out poorly, I just had to try it.… Continue reading

Thai Chicken Pizza

Oh my gosh, I love Thai food. I try to go to a Thai restaurant for dinner whenever I can. It must be all the vibrant flavors: lemongrass, coconut, peanut …. ooh, I’m… Continue reading

Gourmet Gifts on the Cheap

Here are a few great gift ideas for the gourmand in your life. These culinary offerings won’t break the bank [most retail for under $20 total], but they will score you major points… Continue reading

Very Berry Strawberry Ice Cream

I call this ice cream “Very Berry Strawberry” because it is bursting with fresh strawberries, and with only five ingredients, you really can’t beat this treat! I first made the recipe that follows… Continue reading

Scrumptious Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

One of my favorite wedding gifts was a large set of cookie cutters with nearly every possible shape. I have used these cutters for countless holidays and parties and just because it was… Continue reading