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Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. X

Just a quick little tip today: did you know that rubbing a bit of water on clothing can remove static cling? I learned this tip today from a relative when the caftan I… Continue reading

Quick Tip: Perfectly-Edged Mini Desserts

I learned a great trick to make a pristine, scalloped edge for small desserts like ramekin mini pies, tartlets, bite-sized quiches, and cheesecakes: use a scalloped biscuit cutter or a round, scalloped cookie… Continue reading

Easy, Unconventional Coasters

As with many decorative objects around my home, I switch out the coasters in my living room with the seasons. Two of my favorite things to use as coasters are metal candle plates… Continue reading

Quick Tip: Storing Kitchen Towels Within Reach

When I’m in the kitchen whipping up a dessert or a tasty supper, I like to keep a few soft, kitchen towels close for spills or wiping my hands. I learned this storage… Continue reading

Quick Tip: Organized Trinkets for Travel

This is a quick travel tip for storing small items like costume jewelry earrings, rings, delicate chain necklaces, cuff links, and tie tacks. Invest in a plastic pill organizer (think S,M,T,W,T,F,S,) from the… Continue reading

Quick Tip: How to Crack an Egg

A few months ago, I heard a wonderful tip that made me realize that I have been cracking eggs incorrectly my whole life. I wish I could remember where I heard the tip… Continue reading

A Few Words About Texture Paint…

I was looking at my blog, and I realized that it has been a long time since I posted anything about home improvement, so I decided to write a post on one of… Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. VII

Magnetic Hooks for Pot-holders ◊  One of the first things I bought when we moved into our home were some magnetic metal clips to put on the side of our refrigerator that faces… Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. III

Custom Cork Boards For those of us with a penchant for organization, a plain old cork board (or bulletin board) can be, well, boring. But you can customize any cork board with a… Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. I

I find that one of the things I like to share more than anything is an ingenious tip that makes my life a little easier. Especially when the tips involve simpler ways to… Continue reading