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Landscaping Update

The weather has been interesting here lately.  Mild, but rather rainy.  It has taken me a few days to get some preliminary photos of our latest landscaping project. Last month, we decided to… Continue reading

A Raised Planter

I spent much of the day today traveling, but I did make a pit stop and find some gardening inspiration.  Lately, I have been thinking about adding a planter or raised-bed to my… Continue reading

Giant Landscaping Fail

This has been a blogging fail too – I tried to do a quick post, and the entire post was somehow deleted after I thought I published it! Anyway, this past weekend we… Continue reading

Les Fleurs

Look at what I got today from some very special people!  The flowers aren’t from my garden, but they sure are lovely… I really should use more bud vases and small arrangements around… Continue reading

Seeing Red at Home

Red is one of my favorite colors, both to wear, and to use in decorating.  I find that I am naturally attracted to warm, vibrant colors, especially reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, with… Continue reading

Tiny Chocolate Candles

I just had to share these chocolate-scented candles that I bought on a recent trip.  They remind me of little ice creams or puddings and they smell divine. I have been wanting to… Continue reading

Holiday Wine Charms

As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, we prepare to visit the homes of relatives and friends for lavish dinners, flowing drinks, and general merriment.  Here are some holiday-themed wine charms that I whipped up… Continue reading

Black and White Week: Chalkboards at Home

As “Black and White Week” nears its end, I just had to discuss the re-appearance of the schoolhouse and café staple: the chalkboard, in home décor today. One way that I have incorporated… Continue reading

Black and White Week: Newsprint Magnets

I have been wanting to make my own magnets for a while now, and I have seen numerous examples of just how easy it is to make magnets with clear, floral/garden pebbles, paper,… Continue reading

For The Birdz…

A few days ago, I realized that my yard is missing something other than the gargantuan tree that was removed last month. There are no more songbirds, cardinals, or robins. While I removed… Continue reading

Fun Stepping Stones

Last summer, I purchased a stepping stone kit to add a little personality to my yard and garden.  For around $7, I got a box filled with plaster mix, various plastic shapes, glass… Continue reading