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Easy Paper Curls for Holiday Packages

Is anyone doing any last minute gift wrapping??  As I was finishing up my holiday gifts this year, I used a few scraps of Kraft paper style wrapping paper to make curls that… Continue reading

Embellished Poinsettia Gift Tags

Well, I discovered that despite my best intentions to have this post up over a week ago, I was at the mercy of the postman to deliver the gifts I’d ordered for our… Continue reading

Back in Time for the Holidays…

I’ve been away for a while — life just intruded on my blogging time, but now I’m back! Since September, I’ve been concentrating on healthier living and simpler, seasonal meals — but I… Continue reading

Easter Tree

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make us smile.  I love colors, so I had fun arranging these miniature egg ornaments on my metal tree to make an Easter tree. The metal tree… Continue reading

Where Are The Lambs?

Although this winter went out like a lamb, it surprises me how few lambs I see in stores for Spring decorating. Besides the fact that lambs are cute, they also have a religious… Continue reading

Madame Verte’s Easter Basket Picks — For Grown Ups

With the Easter holiday still a few weeks away, I have been thinking pastels, bunnies, eggs, lambs, and candies lately.  Which also brings me to the subject of Easter baskets. Usually mon mari… Continue reading

Homemade Valentines

Who wants a boxed Valentine anyway? If you have some colored ink or paint and a stamp or even a potato (see Homemade Potato Stamps for instructions), you can make homemade Valentines in… Continue reading

Edible Valentines — Conversation Heart Cards

I am sure that I am not the first person to create a Valentine from these, but it wouldn’t be February without me buying a bag or two of conversation hearts.  When I… Continue reading

DIY XOXO Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine

I usually sign letters and notes with “XOXO.”  Just view my About page and you’ll see this is true. I have been busy preparing for the approaching holiday of Valentine’s Day, and the… Continue reading

Skewered By Love

This is a cute idea I came up with for any skewered supper or dessert for Valentine’s Day, a romantic night in, or a themed fête with friends. Take a package of wooden… Continue reading

Love Month

As February nears, I have decided that it will be “Love Month” at my house.  Just as we celebrate Advent in December, I want to express affection and kindness during the month of… Continue reading

DIY Valentine-Themed Napkin Rings

This is a simple Valentine-themed napkin ring that anyone can make.  All you need is a set of napkin rings (thinner designs work best), some wire, and buttons, beads, or charms. Begin by… Continue reading


I was digging around in my office drawers going through the mountain of papers I always seem to have, when I saw several disjointed pages of a Sudoku book and a couple of… Continue reading

Time to Turn the Page…

Another New Year is upon us… what will we do with it? Firelight will not let you read fine stories, but it’s warm and you won’t see the dust on the floor.  –Irish… Continue reading

Another Holiday Over

‘Twas the evening of Christmas, and all through La Maison, every creature was stirring: talking, eating, drinking, and having fun. A slew of jolly relatives were there, joking and bantering without a care.… Continue reading

White Chocolate Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

Whew!  That title seems a little redundant, but these cookies are my very favorite Christmas sweets!  The soft, chocolatey cookies are dipped in smooth, melted white chocolate and topped with crushed peppermint pieces.… Continue reading