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Thoughts on the Cinnamon Broom

Here we are, in the first few days of August, and what did I see at the store? A display of cinnamon brooms. I usually associate the cinnamon broom with autumn and holidays… Continue reading

Light Up Your Next Party!

I was given two cylinders full of light sticks as a gift last year, and I have had the best time using them up! Just in case you might not know what I’m… Continue reading

A Metal Tree for All Seasons

I thought I would take a few minutes to blog about a home accessory I bought this weekend in a frenzied dash to the fabric store for some last-minute Halloween costume supplies. I… Continue reading

Sore Feet – The Mark of a Truly Great Party

The green, blue, gold, and black eye makeup has been removed and the gold baubles put away. Cleopatra has left the building. All that remains of the Egyptian Queen are two very sore… Continue reading

Creating Costumes!

Frightful Dessert Fondue

One of my favorite suppers involves bringing out the fondue pot, the colorful forks, and some flavorful ingredients for a three-course meal.  When I make fondue, I generally begin with a creamy cheese,… Continue reading

Brown Bag Jack-O’-Lanterns

Today I tried to make a jack-o’-lantern from a brown paper sack.  I waited until dark to take a picture of the flickering orange light inside (another creative use of battery-powered flicker lights,… Continue reading

Fast and Easy: Halloween Office Chic

I was walking around the craft store this weekend, and I saw a kit to make a little bat using a small ball made from wooden reeds wrapped together.  The kit included eyes,… Continue reading

DIY Sparkly Spiders

One of the Halloween accessories I bought this year was a package of spiders fashioned out of glittery jingle bells.  I could only find a few colors, so I decided to try and… Continue reading

Quick Tip: Flicker Lights

I’m sure that many of you are familiar with these little battery-powered flicker lights.  Many folks use them in place of candles at home, or inside carved pumpkins this time of year. I… Continue reading

Eight-Legged Dinner Guests

Today is a short snippet about one of my favorite salt and pepper shaker sets. I know I have mentioned in previous posts how much I enjoy collecting salt and pepper shakers to… Continue reading

Poisonous Potions and Creepy Elixirs

This is a simple Halloween decoration that anyone can make. I used some glass bottles from my recycling bin (a mini wine bottle, and two orange drink bottles), some flat black spray paint,… Continue reading

Skeleton in a Corner

I purchased a package of plastic skeletons a few years ago to add to my home during Halloween.  They were rather cheap and stiff, and other than hanging them from a banister, window,… Continue reading

Halloween Paper Dangles

These Halloween paper cut-outs are perfect for decorating windows, walls, and making a simple garland.  I drew a bat, some pumpkins, a ghost and candy corn shapes on colored construction paper.  Then, I… Continue reading

The Agony and Ecstasy of Homemade Halloween Costumes

When I was growing up, I don’t think I ever had a store-bought Halloween costume.  Instead, I would brainstorm with ma mère and we would work on the costume together, sometimes happily, and… Continue reading

Eew! Rat Place Cards!

I shudder a bit as I write this, because I have an aversion to anything that scuttles about, but these rat place cards will add some creepiness to your Halloween smorgasbord! I got… Continue reading