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Mums, Wreaths, and All Things Fall

The temperatures are slowly dropping (ever so slowly), and displays of gourds and pumpkins are in the markets.  It must be my favorite season: fall! I, for one, am so glad to say… Continue reading

Crafting with a Cinnamon Broom, Part 1

A little over a week ago, I bought a cinnamon broom for $3.99 at the market.  It’s a bit too early for fall decor, if you ask me, (see my post “Thoughts on… Continue reading

Not Quite a BLT: The BA Sandwich

Mmm, do I love bacon.  Since I had a few slices to use up this evening, I decided to make my own version of a bacon sandwich. I didn’t have any tomatoes on… Continue reading

Thoughts on the Cinnamon Broom

Here we are, in the first few days of August, and what did I see at the store? A display of cinnamon brooms. I usually associate the cinnamon broom with autumn and holidays… Continue reading

A Literal Sort of Tea Caddy

Well, I’m finally feeling like a human being again, and so happy that it’s Friday!  This week has been a hard one for me, so I may spend some of tomorrow brainstorming White… Continue reading

One of Those Days…

I should be snacking on homemade Nutella right now, but I’m not. In my preparation of the recipe, I soaked the hazelnuts according to a reviewer who said it would make the spread… Continue reading

MWF Seeks Sturdy Houseplant for Long-Term Relationship

In the past 8-10 weeks I have destroyed two round and prickly cacti, a creeping vine, and one of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen: a burgundy, mint green, and pink-leafed… Continue reading

Red, White, and Blue Week: Blue Cheese Fondue

I love a laid-back supper — the kind of meal that comes together with very little effort and doesn’t involve a take-out menu!  Perhaps that is why mon mari and I get so… Continue reading


One of my new favorite home accessories is actually not new at all: I was recently given my grandmother’s incense burner set. I know it is over seventy years old (at the very… Continue reading

Homemade Hypertufa Pots

This week, my friend Megan and I spent an afternoon outside mixing and molding homemade pots from hypertufa.  What is hypertufa, you ask?  Hypertufa is the mixture that results from combining equal parts… Continue reading

Artichokes at Home

Why do I love the artichoke?  To me, it’s a shapely thistle that looks delicate and complicated all at once.  It is also welcoming, and apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks… Continue reading

The Power of Mint

This week, I was fortunate enough to spend a little time pampering myself.  Each of us certainly need to do that once in a while.  For me, the pampering was an eye rejuvenation… Continue reading

Why I Love My Rosemary Bush

Last fall, I planted a Huntington Carpet Rosemary bush just as it was beginning to flower with delicate, bluish-violet blooms. The bush is flourishing now in the warmer months and is growing like… Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for La Maison, Vol. X

Just a quick little tip today: did you know that rubbing a bit of water on clothing can remove static cling? I learned this tip today from a relative when the caftan I… Continue reading

A Month for Milestones

This is my month for milestones — as of today, I have posted over 365 blog posts!  I will officially hit the one-year mark one week from today, on May 16, 2012. I… Continue reading

A Raised Planter

I spent much of the day today traveling, but I did make a pit stop and find some gardening inspiration.  Lately, I have been thinking about adding a planter or raised-bed to my… Continue reading