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Faux Floral Napkin Rings

I spent Mother’s Day doing a bit of crafting with ma mère.  She decided that she wanted to make floral napkin rings from orange daisies that she bought at the craft store. She… Continue reading

Reusable Napkin Rings

Today I found myself thinking of two previous posts on napkin rings that I have done: Festively Green Napkin Rings & DIY Valentine-Themed Napkin Rings. These personalized napkin rings would be easy to… Continue reading

Worldly Table Linens and Stylish Tables in General…

The other day, I might have been shopping, and I might have seen this tablecloth and matching napkins, and I might have bought them in preparation for a stylish dinner that I haven’t… Continue reading

Place Mat Inspiration

Today, I ran across a place mat by David Stark in the March 2012 issue of House Beautiful. It’s called Shop Placemat and according to the magazine, it was apparently inspired by the… Continue reading

DIY Kitchen Towel Napkins

My collection of table linens is rather pithy, especially for someone who enjoys entertaining as much as I do.  It is no wonder that I bought up these red, cream, and yellow kitchen… Continue reading

Easy Napkin Folding: The Pocket

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a pocket from a square napkin.  The larger the napkin, the larger the pocket you can make! Since I did this rather quickly, I… Continue reading

Black and White Week: Black and White Dishcloth Napkins

Black and white…two of my favorite colors.  You really can’t go wrong with either of them, and together, they are beautiful. This week, from September 23-September 30, will be “Black and White Week”… Continue reading

Festive Fall Napkins

One of my favorite fall items is the acorn.  Today, I used some jingle bell acorns, card stock cut in rough, leaf shapes, and ribbon to adorn napkins for a fête. Let’s eat!

Tie-Dyed Napkins

I have been wanting to experiment with tie-dyeing for a while now.  The last time I can remember doing it was when I was very young.  I thought a few tie-dyed napkins might… Continue reading

Quick Napkin Rings

It’s the day of your big party and you find yourself without napkin rings.  What to do?  Buying napkin rings can be expensive, especially if you want glitzy ones [they can easily cost… Continue reading