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Embellished Poinsettia Gift Tags

Well, I discovered that despite my best intentions to have this post up over a week ago, I was at the mercy of the postman to deliver the gifts I’d ordered for our… Continue reading

Faux Floral Napkin Rings

I spent Mother’s Day doing a bit of crafting with ma mère.  She decided that she wanted to make floral napkin rings from orange daisies that she bought at the craft store. She… Continue reading

Crafty April: Packaging Ideas

I think that how a gift is wrapped is just as important as the gift itself, so I paid special attention to all the packaging for the craft items I made for the… Continue reading

Crafty April: Wooden Letter Magnets

This is one of my last projects for the auction I am crafting for this month.  I made a set of magnets from wooden alphabet tiles and painted them with funky designs. To… Continue reading

Crafty April: Cheesecloth Potpourri Sachets

Here are some homemade sachets that I hand-sewed this weekend using cheesecloth, colored embroidery floss, and embellishments like buttons, beads, and fabric flowers. I folded a long strip of cheesecloth to make the… Continue reading

Crafty April: Stamped Business Card Holder

Check out the business card holder I made out of a wooden box using a rubber stamp with a leafy branch, purple, gold, and white acrylic craft paints, and a little bit of… Continue reading

Crafty April: Herb Garden Markers

These homemade garden markers made from polymer clay are too clever! I found this craft project by reading a blog post featured on Freshly Pressed (that I can no longer find in the… Continue reading

Crafty April: Uniquely Ornamental

At the urging of one of my friends, I decided to make some holiday ornaments for the silent auction that I have been crafting for lately.  No, I haven’t taken up glassblowing… by… Continue reading

Crafty April: Homemade Coasters

Even the craftiest of ladies have to go to bed sometime, but here are a few coasters that I have been working on today.  The sealant on my flower pots hasn’t dried yet,… Continue reading

DIY Valentine-Themed Napkin Rings

This is a simple Valentine-themed napkin ring that anyone can make.  All you need is a set of napkin rings (thinner designs work best), some wire, and buttons, beads, or charms. Begin by… Continue reading

A Homemade New Year’s Eve

When I entertain, I like to use homemade touches to create a unique party atmosphere. Plus, making holiday accessories at home can be much cheaper than buying them at the store! Here are… Continue reading

Quick Cardboard Gift Tags

I recently purchased a set of cardboard gift tags made by Paper Magic Group and the simple design of them got me thinking that it would be easy to recreate additional tags at… Continue reading

DIY Turkey Button Ornament

Ever since I bought my little metal tree last month, I have been brainstorming ornaments to fill up its branches for various holidays.  One of the tutorials on making ornaments that inspired me… Continue reading

Turkey Poufs

Last month, I bought a bag of poufy, craft balls in orange, black, and purple, and today I pondered what to do with them.  Then I came up with this idea of tiny… Continue reading

Pumpkins for Place Cards and Pin Cushions, Oh My!

Welcome Fall! I have to say that I am thrilled it is September on so many levels: the weather has finally cooled down to reasonable temperatures, rain has returned, and my favorite season… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Felt Badges

I was fiddling around today with my piles of felt, and this idea for travel-inspired place card holders popped into my head. They are like étiquettes à bagages for your dinner table! ◊… Continue reading