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A Literal Sort of Tea Caddy

Well, I’m finally feeling like a human being again, and so happy that it’s Friday!  This week has been a hard one for me, so I may spend some of tomorrow brainstorming White… Continue reading

The Tale of the Too-Big Tablecloth

That title sounds a bit like a crime novel, but this post is actually about making lemons from lemonade. A few weeks ago, I bought a new tablecloth that I absolutely love. In… Continue reading

Reusable Napkin Rings

Today I found myself thinking of two previous posts on napkin rings that I have done: Festively Green Napkin Rings & DIY Valentine-Themed Napkin Rings. These personalized napkin rings would be easy to… Continue reading

Worldly Table Linens and Stylish Tables in General…

The other day, I might have been shopping, and I might have seen this tablecloth and matching napkins, and I might have bought them in preparation for a stylish dinner that I haven’t… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Lovely Little Lambs

If you happened by the blog yesterday, I wrote about the lack of lamb decor for Spring, the post was called Where Are The Lambs? I just adore these furry little creatures, so… Continue reading

Great Kitchen Tools: The Mini Tongs

Last year, I bought these rounded mini tongs, and I think I have used them for nearly every party I’ve held since.  I love how versatile they are! This particular shape of tongs… Continue reading

Madame Verte’s Entertaining Essentials

I thoroughly enjoy entertaining and there are certainly items I can’t live without. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but these are items I think every host or hostess should… Continue reading

Belly Up to the Oatmeal Bar

I am planning to host a few brunches and special breakfasts in the next month, and I was trying to think of a fun and interactive way to incorporate healthier eating into the… Continue reading

It’s the Jam… I Mean, Preserves…

Today I bought this set of gourmet preserves by Mrs. Bridges to use in entertaining.  I was attracted to them because of the flavors and the tiny glass jars, which I plan to… Continue reading

A Homemade New Year’s Eve

When I entertain, I like to use homemade touches to create a unique party atmosphere. Plus, making holiday accessories at home can be much cheaper than buying them at the store! Here are… Continue reading

Cardinals Come to Dinner

I received this set of cardinal salt and pepper shakers as a gift this Christmas, and I’m thrilled to add them to my ever-growing collection. I can’t wait to plan a woodland-themed dinner… Continue reading

Sushi Party a La Maison

I love to entertain and throw parties, so we usually host several during the year. I especially like parties where there is a game being played or when a host provides something to… Continue reading

Great Holiday Garnishes

I titled this post “Great Holiday Garnishes” because these food items evoke a holiday feel in me when I see them on a plate. Some garnishes are included in this post because of… Continue reading

Festive and Floral

As the winter holidays near, it is time to begin stocking up on small gifts for hosts and hostesses alike. One of my favorite items to give (or to receive) is a small… Continue reading

Light Up Your Next Party!

I was given two cylinders full of light sticks as a gift last year, and I have had the best time using them up! Just in case you might not know what I’m… Continue reading

Black and White Week: Black and White Dishcloth Napkins

Black and white…two of my favorite colors.  You really can’t go wrong with either of them, and together, they are beautiful. This week, from September 23-September 30, will be “Black and White Week”… Continue reading