Homemade Yarn Bows

When it comes time to give a gift, a pretty bow can be a nice accessory, but you don’t have to take a trip to the store for one.  It’s easy to make homemade bows from yarn.  You can also use twine, raffia, or ribbon.

Read on for the simple tutorial:

Homemade Yarn Bows

Yarn or similar material of your choice (I like variegated yarn, but you can use one color or multiple colors)
Measuring tape or ruler
Optional: Adornments

Begin by cutting two lengths of yarn approximately 16 inches long.  You can make larger bows by cutting longer lengths of yarn.

You can use a measuring tape or ruler, or even just eyeball it.

I like to cut the yarn pieces and then lay them out on a flat surface with the two looped ends together and the two tail ends together in a line.

I usually lay them out straight, but this made for a better photo!

To make a thin and delicate yarn bow, use one length of yarn for the bow loops and set the other length aside momentarily.  Skip to the end of this post for instructions on making a thicker yarn bow.

Begin to loop a single length of yarn to form an equal number of loops on each side of a middle portion.  For example, three loops on each side of the middle equals six total loops.  Tuck the remaining ends together with the loops and lay the bundle flat on your work surface.  See photo.

This is how you make the loops...if you want bigger loops, use more yarn.

Cut the remaining strand of yarn into two equal parts.  One will be the middle, and one will be wound to make the strings that hang down.

This is the other length of yarn, cut into two portions. Incidentally, one is pink, and one is green.

Next, wind one of the remaining strings into equal sized portions in the same way that you made the loops for the bow, but use a single strand and do not double it, as you did with the loops.

The top is the loop pile, and the bottom strand is the green strings wound up together. The pink strand will be for the middle. See below.

Place the loop pile gently on top of the string you have chosen for the middle, here it is a pink string.  Place the single strand of wound up yarn just below it, on top of the middle (pink) string as well.

All ready to assemble the bow!

Tie the middle string around the bundles firmly and make a knot.  I tie and knot it 2-3 times.

Make a few knots to secure everything.

Trim the ends off the loop bundle, leaving just a tiny amount so that the loops do not unwind.  You can hide it underneath the loops.

Trim the ends like this.

Then snip any loops left in the single strand below the loops to make the strings for the bow.  Finally, you can snip the ends of the middle strand, or trim them to match the strings that hang from the bow, as I did with this bow.

The bow all done.

If you want to make a thicker bow, use both 16-inch lengths of yarn to form the bow loop bundle.  Then, cut the tails off of the bundle.  You will use the remnants for the strings and the middle.  One piece is needed for the middle and the rest can be used for the strings.

For a thicker bow, arrange the remnant pieces to form a pile of equal lengths.

Tie the bundles together with the piece you have reserved for the middle and knot each time to keep the yarn from unraveling.  Snip the ends as instructed above.  The white and green bow was made this way.

A thicker bow.