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Reusable Napkin Rings

Today I found myself thinking of two previous posts on napkin rings that I have done: Festively Green Napkin Rings & DIY Valentine-Themed Napkin Rings. These personalized napkin rings would be easy to… Continue reading

Waste Not, Want Not

The surfaces in my home office tend to get a little crowded sometimes. This is due to the fact that I usually keep a lot of old paper and packaging for use in… Continue reading

Love Potion

This is a great way to recycle an old glass bottle that once held a beverage, olive oil, spices, or wine into a Valentine greeting, place card, or clever centerpiece for entertaining.  Use… Continue reading

Currency Necklace

I have been going through my drawers and collections in an attempt to be more organized in the New Year.  Last night, I found this old coin from some of my travels.  I… Continue reading

A Very Refreshing Way to Recycle

I like to think that I’m helping the environment by recycling as much as possible. At the end of last year, a friend showed me one of her favorite things: a plastic, insulated… Continue reading


I was digging around in my office drawers going through the mountain of papers I always seem to have, when I saw several disjointed pages of a Sudoku book and a couple of… Continue reading

Reusable Lollipop Sticks

Any baker or host who enjoys making cake pops or marshmallow pops needs a set of these plastic lollipop sticks in fun, festive colors. I picked up 24 sticks in orange, purple, and… Continue reading

Re-purposing Recyclables: Cardboard

Ah, cardboard…there are so many wonderful uses for this material besides the obvious and seasonal Christmas gift box. Here are a few ways I like to recycle thin and thick cardboard at home… Continue reading

Black and White Week: Newsprint Magnets

I have been wanting to make my own magnets for a while now, and I have seen numerous examples of just how easy it is to make magnets with clear, floral/garden pebbles, paper,… Continue reading

Re-purposing Recyclables: Paper

There are times when I feel as though I am drowning in paper scraps.  I am literally surrounded by old notes, receipts, grocery lists, advertisements for take-out restaurants, and scraps of card stock. … Continue reading

Wine Cork Stamp-ede!

Ok, that was a sad play on words…but these wine cork stamps are decidedly more clever! This summer, I have already made place cards from old wine corks (Place Card Primer: Recycled Wine… Continue reading

Re-purposing Recyclables: Tin

There is something so charming about a tin, whether it is big or small.  Tins are super for storage and they can tell a story with their pictures, phrases, and history. I love… Continue reading

Re-purposing Recyclables: Glass

One of the goals I try to accomplish in everyday life is to use what I already have to create beautiful and functional items for my home. I recycle, as I suspect many… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Recycled Wine Corks

I have a large, crystal vase full of old wine corks on my kitchen counter.  It would probably look beautiful filled with fresh flowers, but when you kill plants with the frequency that… Continue reading