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Drinking Chocolate?

Tonight I bought a canister of drinking chocolate for the first time at the store, and brought it home to sample. Drinking chocolate is a bit like hot cocoa, but thicker and richer.… Continue reading

Orange Tres Leches Cake

This weekend we celebrated a big birthday in my family with a large Sunday dinner that I prepared.  I thought the perfect twist on “birthday cake” might be a tres leches cake with… Continue reading

Black and White Week: The Black and White Cookie

Well, it wouldn’t be “Black and White Week” if I didn’t at least try to make a batch of black and white cookies.  Even writing about black and white cookies reminds me of… Continue reading

Dressed-Up Bran Muffins

I have been going through a muffin phase lately.  It’s due to the fact that I find myself short on time in the mornings and there is a convenient muffin shop in my… Continue reading

Refreshing Blackberry Malts

One of the desserts I remember mes parents making for me when I was growing up was a blackberry malt with fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream, and malted milk.  Mon père always liked… Continue reading

Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits

Yesterday was my dog’s birthday so we celebrated her today with homemade dog biscuits in one of her favorite flavors: peanut butter.  This recipe is from a family friend named Nancy, and I… Continue reading

A Bit of The Big Apple: The Egg Cream

It’s hot in my part of the world. Verrrry hot. The kind of heat that hits you like a ton of bricks when you walk out the door. Hence, mes amies, you may… Continue reading

Scrumptious Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

One of my favorite wedding gifts was a large set of cookie cutters with nearly every possible shape. I have used these cutters for countless holidays and parties and just because it was… Continue reading