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Cooking Notes: Lavender Bread Pudding

I didn’t really intend for the lavender bread pudding post to take up so much space on the blog, but as sometimes happens with recipes: once you make and sample a recipe, you… Continue reading

Lavender Bread Pudding

Today we are celebrating the birthday of a good friend, and in her honor, I made this lovely lavender bread pudding from my Culinary Bucket List! I am serving a group of six… Continue reading

Extolling Extracts

In my cooking of late, I have been using extracts to add a little extra oomph to drinks, desserts, and confections. One of my favorites is coconut extract (especially in summer). I recently… Continue reading

Red, White, and Blue Week: Tri-Color Mini Doughnuts

How fun are these fruity doughnuts?  A basic vanilla doughnut batter gets mixed with fresh strawberry and blueberry bits to create these little treats.  This is a wonderful recipe to use the last… Continue reading

Super Veggie Samosas

When I got home from our vacation, I realized that I had forgotten to make an item from my “Culinary Bucket List” for the month of May.  I have decided to do two… Continue reading

My First Strata: The Completion

Today I finished and baked off my first attempt at making a strata, which is a savory bread pudding-like dish that uses a mixture of milk and eggs to bind the filling and… Continue reading

My First Strata: An Introduction

Tomorrow I hope to be enjoying a new dish for brunch: strata. As the title of my post suggests, this is my first time making strata, which seems similar to a savory bread… Continue reading

Anatomy of the Modern Cupcake

In the early 2000’s, suddenly cupcakes were everywhere: in coffeehouses, at wedding receptions, on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and at little shops in strip malls all across the country.  The cupcake became the… Continue reading

Crafty April: Herb Garden Markers

These homemade garden markers made from polymer clay are too clever! I found this craft project by reading a blog post featured on Freshly Pressed (that I can no longer find in the… Continue reading

Apple Dumplings: One Recipe, Two Ways

Sometimes I love culinary exploration — digging in the pantry and refrigerator and coming out with a cornucopia of ingredients to make a familiar dish in my own, unique way.  Other times, I… Continue reading

Why is Cooking Intimidating?

This week, I have been exploring some culinary topics, in large part, because I have been reading so many books centered on cooking lately. Several of the books that I have read purport… Continue reading

What Does It Mean to Be a “Foodie?”

If someone were to ask me if I consider myself a “foodie” I would probably say yes.  But what does it mean to be a “foodie?” I’ve never attended a food festival, a… Continue reading

Quick Tip: Perfectly-Edged Mini Desserts

I learned a great trick to make a pristine, scalloped edge for small desserts like ramekin mini pies, tartlets, bite-sized quiches, and cheesecakes: use a scalloped biscuit cutter or a round, scalloped cookie… Continue reading

An Almost Depressingly Good Chocolate Cake

This weekend I decided to attempt a version of a chocolate depression cake, popularized in the Depression era when dairy items were hard to come by, and people tried to make due with… Continue reading

Madame Verte’s Entertaining Essentials

I thoroughly enjoy entertaining and there are certainly items I can’t live without. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but these are items I think every host or hostess should… Continue reading

Sweet, Spicy, and Simple: Baked Grapefruit

I first heard of baked grapefruit about a month ago and I was instantly intrigued.  I added it to my Culinary Bucket List a few days later.  Yet, I wondered: could grapefruit warmed… Continue reading