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Place Card Primer: Lovely Little Lambs

If you happened by the blog yesterday, I wrote about the lack of lamb decor for Spring, the post was called Where Are The Lambs? I just adore these furry little creatures, so… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Musical Notes

I was inspired to create place cards with a musical theme by a trip to the symphony while on vacation. I used a treble clef and the C Major Scale as the basis… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: A Slew of Snowmen!

Christmas ornaments make great place cards for a joyful holiday spread, like this set of glass, snow-filled snowmen from the home store CB2.  I have had these for over a year, and I… Continue reading

Turkey Place Card Holders

This little gaggle of gobblers is a charming addition to any holiday table!  These turkey place card holders are made of sturdy metal and add a touch of whimsy to traditional dinners! I… Continue reading

Glitter-Tipped Pine Cones

A few pine cones make a wonderfully affordable, decorative accent any time of year, but especially during the fall and winter months.  These natural accessories are free if you are blessed to have… Continue reading

I’m Thankful Place Cards

I just love pumpkins and I’m so glad that I get to use them for two months in a row each year!  November brings us blustery days and chilly evenings and officially starts… Continue reading

Eew! Rat Place Cards!

I shudder a bit as I write this, because I have an aversion to anything that scuttles about, but these rat place cards will add some creepiness to your Halloween smorgasbord! I got… Continue reading

Re-purposing Recyclables: Paper

There are times when I feel as though I am drowning in paper scraps.  I am literally surrounded by old notes, receipts, grocery lists, advertisements for take-out restaurants, and scraps of card stock. … Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Felt Badges

I was fiddling around today with my piles of felt, and this idea for travel-inspired place card holders popped into my head. They are like étiquettes à bagages for your dinner table! ◊… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Party Picks

I have been stocking up on fun party picks lately.  They are typically made of plastic or glass with interesting, decorative tops for snagging buffet fare and bite-size appetizers, but I think they… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Espresso Cups

I love small, dainty things. I always have. Make any cookware or gadget in miniature form and I will buy it. I’m very much a sucker that way. “Do I really need a… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Photo Holders…Cheep, Cheep, Cheap!

One of my passions is a clever place card holder.  I rarely set a table without them.  I have quite a collection, including: wire pumpkins, bronze turkeys, little songbirds…and this guy (along with… Continue reading

Paper Pinwheels For Place Cards and More!

When I first read a blurb in Do It Yourself magazine about creating paper pinwheels from old book pages, I was inspired.  Since I enjoy making fun place cards as a hobby, I… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Recycled Wine Corks

I have a large, crystal vase full of old wine corks on my kitchen counter.  It would probably look beautiful filled with fresh flowers, but when you kill plants with the frequency that… Continue reading

Adding Interest to Paper…With Tea!

I must say that this blog topic combines two of my favorite things: tea, a delicious beverage, and paper, the medium of writers, records, history and literacy. There is something so homey about… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Truffles!

I feel like I only have to say the word “truffles” and I’m guaranteed to get some traffic on the blog today. “And by truffles, I don’t mean pricey mushrooms!” This is a… Continue reading