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Red, White, and Blue Week: Tri-Color Mini Doughnuts

How fun are these fruity doughnuts?  A basic vanilla doughnut batter gets mixed with fresh strawberry and blueberry bits to create these little treats.  This is a wonderful recipe to use the last… Continue reading

Mini Chocolate Cake Doughnuts with Coffee Liqueur and Raspberry Glaze

I have been planning a chocolate version of my mini cake doughnuts for a while now, but last week I got the idea to add coffee liqueur to the batter to enhance the… Continue reading

Doughnut Update

In response to reader comments on my last cake doughnut recipe, “Lemon Poppy-Seed Cake Doughnuts,” I decided to see if the same doughnut batter could be used to make fried doughnuts or cupcakes.… Continue reading

Mini Eggnog Cake Doughnuts, Two Ways

One of my favorite seasonal food items is eggnog.  I just love its artery-clogging richness…perhaps there is a reason why eggnog is only a wintry treat! I decided to make eggnog cake doughnuts… Continue reading

Pumpkin Mini Chip Cake Doughnuts with Semi-Sweet Chocolate Drizzle

I helped some dear friends move into a new home over the weekend and I brought along these diminutive pumpkin chocolate chip cake doughnuts for snacking.  The pumpkin flavor is not overwhelming and… Continue reading

Vanilla Chai Cake Doughnuts, Take One

I am calling this post “Vanilla Chai Cake Doughnuts, Take One” because although I am pleased with the way that the recipe turned out, I would like to continue coming up with different… Continue reading

A Demand for Doughnuts

I surprised mon mari with the blackberry lemon doughnuts yesterday as a the-week-is-over reward, but they were much more popular than I ever dreamed, and now he is demanding more cake doughnuts! Here… Continue reading

Blackberry Lemon Cake Doughnuts with Crunchy, Lemon Sugar Topping

I enjoy a doughnut every once in a while, and the mini cake doughnut pans that I bought over the summer have been calling my name for months now from my cupboard. This… Continue reading

Black and White Week: White Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Holes

Sometimes Sunday calls for doughnuts, especially today, because Monday means the work week begins again and I, for one, am still worn out from a weekend on the clock.  A little sugar rush… Continue reading