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Book Review: Janet Lee’s Living in a Nutshell

This is my first book review for the blog. Generally, I refrain from endorsing products since I am not paid to do so, but I read a book over the weekend that was… Continue reading

Crafty April: DIY Personalized Pots

As part of my crafting work for the auction event that I’m preparing for, I customized a few store-bought pots to add to the items for sale.  The pots can be used for… Continue reading

DIY XOXO Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine

I usually sign letters and notes with “XOXO.”  Just view my About page and you’ll see this is true. I have been busy preparing for the approaching holiday of Valentine’s Day, and the… Continue reading

DIY Decorative Picks for Houseplants

Perhaps I was thinking a little too long about wooden skewers yesterday, but I started coming up with other ideas to use up a large package of skewers I initially bought for grilled… Continue reading

DIY Valentine-Themed Napkin Rings

This is a simple Valentine-themed napkin ring that anyone can make.  All you need is a set of napkin rings (thinner designs work best), some wire, and buttons, beads, or charms. Begin by… Continue reading

Monogrammed Ornament/Door Hanger

I was initially going to use this idea to make personalized Christmas ornaments last month, but time got away from me.  These felt letters can be hung on doorknobs, hooks, bedposts, and memo… Continue reading

DIY Wire Napkin Rings

These are part of a set of wire napkin rings that I made using just a few supplies: jewelry wire, crimp beads, decorative beads, charms, and a narrow needle-nose pliers. It is easy… Continue reading

Handmade Cork Coasters

Earlier this month, I learned about decoupage and collage from my good friend Megan.  Ever since then, I have been stocking up on supplies and brainstorming ideas to create handmade coasters. I gave… Continue reading

DIY Monogrammed Hats

Several years ago, I made three monogrammed hats for some friends as a Christmas gift.  They were affordable, practical, and adorable! For about $12 per person, I created wonderfully personalized winter wear and… Continue reading

DIY Kitchen Towel Napkins

My collection of table linens is rather pithy, especially for someone who enjoys entertaining as much as I do.  It is no wonder that I bought up these red, cream, and yellow kitchen… Continue reading

Pilgrim Hat Button Ornament

I just couldn’t help myself, I had to make this little pilgrim hat from some leftover buttons! I used a black pipe cleaner (maybe I should have used wire), black buttons in various… Continue reading

DIY Sparkly Spiders

One of the Halloween accessories I bought this year was a package of spiders fashioned out of glittery jingle bells.  I could only find a few colors, so I decided to try and… Continue reading

Black and White Week: Newsprint Magnets

I have been wanting to make my own magnets for a while now, and I have seen numerous examples of just how easy it is to make magnets with clear, floral/garden pebbles, paper,… Continue reading

Black and White Week: Black and White DIY Wine Charms!

This is a simple method to make DIY wine charms from home for any holiday, color scheme, or party theme you can dream up.  My friend Sarah showed me how to make these… Continue reading

Ribbon Remnant Wine Markers

I went to a party the other night and the hostess, my pal Sarah, had a great idea for wine markers: she used ribbon remnants to tie pretty bows in different colors and… Continue reading

Wine Cork Stamp-ede!

Ok, that was a sad play on words…but these wine cork stamps are decidedly more clever! This summer, I have already made place cards from old wine corks (Place Card Primer: Recycled Wine… Continue reading