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Spanish Supper Fail

It has been stated that people learn more from their failures than their successes.  I believe this is true, but I wish (in the case of food), that learning didn’t involve such a… Continue reading

Black and White Week: Black Bean Hummus

I am continuing with the theme of “Black and White Week” with black bean hummus.  Hummus is such a tasty dip, I couldn’t resist posting another recipe featuring black beans.  I used the… Continue reading

Quick and Easy Fig Salad Dressing

Have you ever started to prepare a meal, only to find that a few key ingredients are missing from the pantry and/or refrigerator? That was me a few weeks ago, when I realized… Continue reading

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

I have a delicious jar of tahini (sesame seed paste) that I purchased this spring at one of my favorite Middle Eastern markets.  I bought the tahini to make homemade hummus which I… Continue reading

Adding Spice to Life: Herbes de Provence

Tonight I’m cooking steak and potatoes with a fresh salad for supper, and I thought what better way to add some zest to my russet potatoes than some dried Herbes de Provence? Herbes… Continue reading

Thai Chicken Pizza

Oh my gosh, I love Thai food. I try to go to a Thai restaurant for dinner whenever I can. It must be all the vibrant flavors: lemongrass, coconut, peanut …. ooh, I’m… Continue reading

Tasty Herb Butter

The summer heat has been taking a toll on my little herb garden, so this week I was looking for a way to use some of my crop and enhance my dinner menus,… Continue reading

Sausage Pasta Milano

One of mon mari’s favorite pasta dishes to eat in restaurants is The Macaroni Grill’s Pasta Milano, a rich, bold dish with a garlic cream sauce, chicken, button mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes.*  Shortly… Continue reading