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Two Peas in a Pod

I couldn’t resist posting a photo of one of my new salt and pepper shaker sets.  How cute are these?!?

Alphabet Stamps

Last month, I bought three sets of little alphabet stamps at the craft store.  Each alphabet is in a different font and comes with matching punctuation marks.  They were only $1 per set,… Continue reading

Currency Necklace

I have been going through my drawers and collections in an attempt to be more organized in the New Year.  Last night, I found this old coin from some of my travels.  I… Continue reading

Cardinals Come to Dinner

I received this set of cardinal salt and pepper shakers as a gift this Christmas, and I’m thrilled to add them to my ever-growing collection. I can’t wait to plan a woodland-themed dinner… Continue reading

An Afternoon in the Past

Since the Christmas holiday is just weeks away, I thought I would spend some of the day today going through the clutter around my home in preparation for the onslaught of family, friends,… Continue reading

Eight-Legged Dinner Guests

Today is a short snippet about one of my favorite salt and pepper shaker sets. I know I have mentioned in previous posts how much I enjoy collecting salt and pepper shakers to… Continue reading

Falling for Trinkets

Last year, I saw some salt and pepper shakers of a little Asian couple in blue and white porcelain.  The man was the pepper shaker, and the salt was the lady.  I didn’t… Continue reading

Re-purposing Recyclables: Glass

One of the goals I try to accomplish in everyday life is to use what I already have to create beautiful and functional items for my home. I recycle, as I suspect many… Continue reading

Place Card Primer: Photo Holders…Cheep, Cheep, Cheap!

One of my passions is a clever place card holder.  I rarely set a table without them.  I have quite a collection, including: wire pumpkins, bronze turkeys, little songbirds…and this guy (along with… Continue reading

Decorating With Glass Bottles

If you are searching for an easy way to add a pop of color to your home – consider collecting or buying a few glass bottles to display.  Decorative bottles are inexpensive [they… Continue reading

Collecting: An Essay

My previous post got me thinking about the items that I collect and why I enjoy collecting them, and so I write the following ~ As human beings, we have a natural desire… Continue reading