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Extolling Extracts

In my cooking of late, I have been using extracts to add a little extra oomph to drinks, desserts, and confections. One of my favorites is coconut extract (especially in summer). I recently… Continue reading

Summertime White Sangria

Although sangria is not just for summer, this delicious white sangria that I made up for my writing group tomorrow is a feast for the eyes — full of bright colors from the… Continue reading

Culinary Adventures: Exotic and Tasty Lemonade

Last weekend, mon mari and I went to a lovely local restaurant for brunch. The restaurant advertised an unusual lemonade flavored with orange and basil on the menu. I was a little skeptical… Continue reading

Refreshing Red Sangria

Oh my goodness, I was so frustrated Wednesday evening trying to pick a new blog layout that the only cure is homemade red sangria with drunken fruit floating inside!  I definitely felt as… Continue reading

Easy, Unconventional Coasters

As with many decorative objects around my home, I switch out the coasters in my living room with the seasons. Two of my favorite things to use as coasters are metal candle plates… Continue reading

Chronicling Cocktails: The Black Cherry Mojito

I’ve had a few good mojitos and plenty of bad mojitos, but I’m undecided on the black cherry mojito.  It’s the kind of cocktail that has a lot of potential, but can fail… Continue reading

My Favorite Drink

Well, already I’m fibbing a bit, because my favorite alcoholic drink is a margarita on the rocks with a generously salty rim. But this is my go-to beverage, and something I’ve even managed… Continue reading

Chronicling Cocktails: The Paloma

One of my New Year’s blog-o-lutions (resolutions) is to try more cocktails at home and out on the town. I made the resolution in part, because so many of my friends have truly… Continue reading

A Cup of … Spanish Mocha

Today I tried a new drink — Spanish mocha.  As far as I can tell, it is a blend of coffee or coffee liqueur, chocolate, cinnamon and spices (possibly a hint of cayenne… Continue reading

Homemade Root Beer Floats

Tonight I had a powerful craving…for a root beer float.  Apparently, some people love the taste of root beer (me) and others not so much (mon mari).  That’s fine with me though, more… Continue reading

Wine Tasting Adventure

This evening I attended my very first wine tasting at a local bar/café/coffee shop.  I enjoy drinking wine regularly, but I had no idea what to expect at an actual tasting.  Before tonight,… Continue reading

Choco-Nutty Mint Hot Chocolate

Last month, I bought some hot chocolate mix that claimed to be chocolate mint flavor – one of my favorite combinations.  However, the taste of the hot chocolate was decidedly…unappetizing. Being a choco-mint… Continue reading

Clever Rims on a Whim

This week I have been exploring mixed drinks, making Peach Margaritas, and thinking about fun ways to rim a drink glass or a dessert served in a shot glass, parfait glass, or a… Continue reading

Peach Margaritas!

I am convinced there is nothing that a good margarita cannot fix.  I have also been on a peach kick lately: adding peach soda to my teas, making peach pies, and now…peach margaritas!… Continue reading

A Bit of The Big Apple: The Egg Cream

It’s hot in my part of the world. Verrrry hot. The kind of heat that hits you like a ton of bricks when you walk out the door. Hence, mes amies, you may… Continue reading

Some Very “Cool” Ice Cubes

If you are planning a cocktail party or a cook-out this summer, add some interest to your beverage bar by whipping up some unconventional ice cubes. Find Fun Trays Of course, traditional is… Continue reading