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Homemade Valentines

Who wants a boxed Valentine anyway? If you have some colored ink or paint and a stamp or even a potato (see Homemade Potato Stamps for instructions), you can make homemade Valentines in… Continue reading

Love-Themed Wine Charms

These are festive, little wine charms that are simple to create with a few metal-rimmed marking tags with metal key rings [available at office supply stores], scissors, colored paper, and glue or tape… Continue reading

Love Potion

This is a great way to recycle an old glass bottle that once held a beverage, olive oil, spices, or wine into a Valentine greeting, place card, or clever centerpiece for entertaining.  Use… Continue reading

How Do I Love Thee?

To begin “Love Month,” this is a simple gesture to let family, friends, and loves know how you feel. Take a piece of paper (I like to use recycled, fibrous paper for its… Continue reading

Love Month

As February nears, I have decided that it will be “Love Month” at my house.  Just as we celebrate Advent in December, I want to express affection and kindness during the month of… Continue reading