Love Month

As February nears, I have decided that it will be “Love Month” at my house.  Just as we celebrate Advent in December, I want to express affection and kindness during the month of February for my family.

I plan to leave tiny notes, love quotes, and little treats in our entryway each day by a wintry white tabletop tree that I am decorating with hearts and ornaments.  A few words of praise can mean so much to those we love, and it takes just minutes to jot down a heartfelt message.

Don’t worry, dear readers, I will share all my love-ly ideas with you!  Lots of fun activities and delicious delights will be coming on the blog in February!

Here are a few of the posts I have planned for next month:

  Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream with Cardamom

  Chocolate Raspberry Cake Doughnuts

  Conversation Heart Ornaments

  Seeing Red at Home