Love Potion

This is a great way to recycle an old glass bottle that once held a beverage, olive oil, spices, or wine into a Valentine greeting, place card, or clever centerpiece for entertaining.  Use multiple bottles in various colors, shapes, sizes and heights for an interesting display.

A bottle can be filled with pebbles, sand, candies, or left plain.  The outside of the bottle can also be decorated with special paint markers that work on glass surfaces [sold at craft stores].

Write a message (or perhaps the menu if you’re hosting an event) on a large piece of paper, then roll the paper up and partially insert it into the bottle.

For a bit of added Valentine flair, I took a strand of embroidery thread and glued paper hearts onto the ends.  It is easy to sandwich the thread in between two paper cut-outs to make any sort of dangling shapes that you like.

The possibilities are endless!