Craft Update

Well, the silent auction I have been crafting for was held last night, and I’m very happy to report that nearly all of my items sold! I was even asked to create additional… Continue reading

Culinary Treats: The Chile Relleno

I had my first Chile Relleno today and it was delicious. I always assumed that because Chile Rellenos are made with roasted, charred peppers the dish would be too spicy for me. I… Continue reading

Crafty April: Packaging Ideas

I think that how a gift is wrapped is just as important as the gift itself, so I paid special attention to all the packaging for the craft items I made for the… Continue reading

Crafty April: Refillable Cheesecloth Sachets

This craft project is a twist on my earlier post Crafty April: Cheesecloth Potpourri Sachets. I had a bit of cheesecloth left over from the other sachets I made for the silent auction… Continue reading

Giant Landscaping Fail

This has been a blogging fail too – I tried to do a quick post, and the entire post was somehow deleted after I thought I published it! Anyway, this past weekend we… Continue reading

A Penny For Your Thoughts…

I only have about 20 days left until I reach my goal of blogging every day for an entire year! I can’t believe I’m that close to the one-year mark and I’ve never… Continue reading

Cola, Meet Cake!

I have a friend named Rita who is one of the most talented bakers that I know.  For a party a few months ago, she brought a plate of the most unusual and… Continue reading

My First Strata: The Completion

Today I finished and baked off my first attempt at making a strata, which is a savory bread pudding-like dish that uses a mixture of milk and eggs to bind the filling and… Continue reading

My First Strata: An Introduction

Tomorrow I hope to be enjoying a new dish for brunch: strata. As the title of my post suggests, this is my first time making strata, which seems similar to a savory bread… Continue reading

Great Kitchen Tools: The Pepper Mill

I’m a fiend when it comes to freshly ground black peppercorns… I put pepper on everything! Freshly ground pepper is the perfect topper for salads, cheese n’ crackers, steaming popcorn, or watermelon slices.… Continue reading

It’s Time for Landscaping… Again

As the rain subsides and the weather begins to warm again, I find myself thinking about landscaping.  We have one small project yet to do to finish off our lawn and front yard… Continue reading

Anatomy of the Modern Cupcake

In the early 2000’s, suddenly cupcakes were everywhere: in coffeehouses, at wedding receptions, on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and at little shops in strip malls all across the country.  The cupcake became the… Continue reading

Crafty April: Wooden Letter Magnets

This is one of my last projects for the auction I am crafting for this month.  I made a set of magnets from wooden alphabet tiles and painted them with funky designs. To… Continue reading

Crafty April: Cheesecloth Potpourri Sachets

Here are some homemade sachets that I hand-sewed this weekend using cheesecloth, colored embroidery floss, and embellishments like buttons, beads, and fabric flowers. I folded a long strip of cheesecloth to make the… Continue reading

Les Fleurs

Look at what I got today from some very special people!  The flowers aren’t from my garden, but they sure are lovely… I really should use more bud vases and small arrangements around… Continue reading

Crafty April: Stamped Business Card Holder

Check out the business card holder I made out of a wooden box using a rubber stamp with a leafy branch, purple, gold, and white acrylic craft paints, and a little bit of… Continue reading