Homemade Hypertufa Pots

This week, my friend Megan and I spent an afternoon outside mixing and molding homemade pots from hypertufa.  What is hypertufa, you ask?  Hypertufa is the mixture that results from combining equal parts… Continue reading

A Sixth Visit to the Cheese Counter: My First (and Fruity!) Stilton

Take a look at this wedge of cheese … I mean, how could it not be delicious? Today, I tried Stilton cheese for the very first time, and more specifically, Stilton with Mango… Continue reading

Book Review: Janet Lee’s Living in a Nutshell

This is my first book review for the blog. Generally, I refrain from endorsing products since I am not paid to do so, but I read a book over the weekend that was… Continue reading

Refreshing Red Sangria

Oh my goodness, I was so frustrated Wednesday evening trying to pick a new blog layout that the only cure is homemade red sangria with drunken fruit floating inside!  I definitely felt as… Continue reading

Big Changes to the Blog

If you have visited the blog this evening, you’ll notice that it’s under construction. I am trying to redesign the layout so that the blog is more visually appealing and less like a… Continue reading

Artichokes at Home

Why do I love the artichoke?  To me, it’s a shapely thistle that looks delicate and complicated all at once.  It is also welcoming, and apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks… Continue reading

The Power of Mint

This week, I was fortunate enough to spend a little time pampering myself.  Each of us certainly need to do that once in a while.  For me, the pampering was an eye rejuvenation… Continue reading

Super Veggie Samosas

When I got home from our vacation, I realized that I had forgotten to make an item from my “Culinary Bucket List” for the month of May.  I have decided to do two… Continue reading

Westward No More.

So, I’m finally back in the blog-o-sphere after a wonderful vacation to Texas.  I have to say that both mon mari and I fell in LOVE with the Lone Star State.  The scenery… Continue reading

Blog Hiatus

I’m exploring the country for the next two weeks, so I won’t be able to blog, since my Internet and computer access will be limited. I promise to post lots of photos, recipes,… Continue reading

Why I Love My Rosemary Bush

Last fall, I planted a Huntington Carpet Rosemary bush just as it was beginning to flower with delicate, bluish-violet blooms. The bush is flourishing now in the warmer months and is growing like… Continue reading

Mango Passion Fruit Tea Ice Cream

Double ice cream posts, aren’t you lucky? This particular blend of mango passion fruit tea makes one of the best cups of tea I’ve ever had.  Which is a bit ironic, since I’m… Continue reading

Cranberry Ice Cream

Je suis désolée, mes amies.  I have been sick the past few days and I didn’t post yesterday as promised!  But I’m making up for it today with a homemade cranberry ice cream… Continue reading

A Truly Amusing Save-The-Date

Thursday was definitely a bit strange for me — my first day of not blogging in a whole year, but here I am … back again for my Friday post! May and June… Continue reading

Happy Blog-O-Versary!

Well, I MADE IT!  A year ago today, I launched Ma Petite Maison Verte with no real expectations, hoping that blogging might be a fun way to channel my love of writing and… Continue reading

Landscaping Update

The weather has been interesting here lately.  Mild, but rather rainy.  It has taken me a few days to get some preliminary photos of our latest landscaping project. Last month, we decided to… Continue reading