Back in Time for the Holidays…

I’ve been away for a while — life just intruded on my blogging time, but now I’m back!

Since September, I’ve been concentrating on healthier living and simpler, seasonal meals — but I still cheat every now and then.

I’m fresh off a Thanksgiving feast that I cooked with mon mari (he does turkey duty) and eager for the Christmas holiday.  This year I made three pies, one of which looked like this…

This apple pie was mighty tasty, as evidenced by the empty pie tin I have left!

The other two were sweet potato pies for a “Leftovers Party” coming up tonight.  I expect them to have a similar fate!

I have already begun my holiday shopping and wrapping, and I will be back in a day or so with some wrapping ideas.  Somehow, I never tire of fun ways to wrap gifts!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with delicious eats and friendly faces!

Always Thankful,  ~MV