Mums, Wreaths, and All Things Fall

Here are some snaps of our front door wreath. Every so often I have to add new sprigs of berries or leaves because I seem to lose a few each year …

The temperatures are slowly dropping (ever so slowly), and displays of gourds and pumpkins are in the markets.  It must be my favorite season: fall!

I, for one, am so glad to say goodbye to summer this year!  This weekend, I am decorating my home with a few Halloween creepy-crawlies, pumpkins, candles, and fall flair.  I am also planning to buy a some mums for the front yard.  There are so many varieties out there, I’ve had a tough time choosing.  I usually go with yellow, but I’ve been eyeing two other varieties: a pretty pink-and-yellow, and a fiery orange-red.

I also love all the terra-cotta pumpkins that I’m finding in stores.  These pumpkins are a great alternative to those of us who want a jack-o’-lantern without all the mess!  They come in all shapes and sizes … and expressions, of course!

On the wreath front, I have been working on new mini wreaths to post here.  I’ll share some pictures of my work soon!  I’ve been spending most mornings reading books from the library and writing fiction.  I confess I haven’t been doing much cooking lately since I’ve been avoiding sugar and flour and upping my vegetables.  I’m snacking on handfuls of fresh veggies instead of potato chips these days — but I still miss the potatoes!

I’ll post a few fall photos before the end of the day — enjoy the season!