Inspiration: Politico Pillows and Changes in General

Hello readers, I first want to chat a bit about some changes I’m making on the blog.  I have been working diligently on my fiction writing and I am finding it hard to stick to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogging schedule, so I have decided to blog any old day I get to it, and still aim for three posts a week.  I thought that since Monday is a holiday, it might be a good time to try this out.  I hope you won’t mind the change!

I have several exciting craft projects in the works, and I am balancing working on them with self-imposed writing deadlines.  Fun!

In the next few weeks I will be completing a place mat table runner and working on a clever set of decorative pillows perfect for a politico or a bipartisan couple!

The pillows were inspired by white shams I saw in the CB2 catalog with a black elephant and donkey printed on them.  The CB2 shams can be seen online at:  The original pillows were stark, and a bit plain, but I thought a dolled-up version of them would be ever so cute on the two chairs in my front window!

“Right” and “Left,” get it??

For my adaptation of the pillows, I am using vibrant fabrics and colors.  I want them to stand out!  I am only in the beginning stages (drawing patterns for the animals and brainstorming), but I will post some photos this weekend.

Very civic indeed!