Cooking Notes: Lavender Bread Pudding

I didn’t really intend for the lavender bread pudding post to take up so much space on the blog, but as sometimes happens with recipes: once you make and sample a recipe, you have suggestions… And I definitely have a few with this recipe.

While I liked the bread pudding, I am anxious to try it in a more traditional application with chunks of stale bread cubes. As is, it has a similarity to French toast (which would make it a good breakfast choice, or brunch item). Instead of raisins and apricot jam, I think chopped, dried apricots would work well, and nuts, of course! I would keep the lavender-infused cream and egg mixture as-is.

Finally, I would like to try a lavender-infused honey or lavender-infused white chocolate drizzle to top the bread pudding. The powdered sugar was fine, but a herb-infused honey or white chocolate would add another layer of flavor. I suppose maple or corn syrup could also be used with the adapted recipe, especially if you plan to serve it for breakfast!

Be sure to save enough lavender flowers to garnish — I came up a bit short! There is so little left of the lavender that the ice cream I was planning may have to wait!