Crafting with a Cinnamon Broom, Part 2

This post is continued from my previous post, “Crafting with a Cinnamon Broom, Part 1” from earlier this week.  I decided to use a store-bought cinnamon broom to make some small, scented wreaths to decorate my home.  The first post in the series details how to create the basic wreath shape from the twigs in a cinnamon broom.  This post is the fun part — the decoration!

I made two small wreaths and used approximately 1/2 of a spool of jewelry wire to make both. This dried floral wreath is probably my favorite.

To embellish my wreaths, I used:

  • cinnamon broom twigs
  • garden clippers
  • bronze jewelry wire [one spool retails for $1.99 in craft stores]
  • wire clippers
  • a hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • ribbon
  • dried florals (or potpourri pieces)
  • beaded accents

Other materials that could be used include: glitter, buttons, wire butterflies, fabric flowers, or beads.  Be sure to use items that can be glued or attached to the wreath with wire.

I used half of the “broom” portion of a cinnamon broom to make these two small wreaths.  I plan to make a door hanger from the handle (future post!).  One cinnamon broom worth of twigs would make a good-sized wreath suitable for a front door, I think.


1.  Start by adding additional twigs to the wreaths making a “spray” in various directions.  Play around with the twigs to create a shape that you like.  Use the garden clippers and wire clippers as needed.  Secure the twigs to the wreath in bundles with jewelry wire wound tightly around them.  Pay special attention to where the twig bundles meet the wreath to create a smooth appearance.

This shot of the finished floral wreath shows the twigs splaying out from the center circle. Experiment with shapes and sizes and don’t be afraid to cut twigs with the clippers to make your own design!

2.  Wrap ribbon around the wreath (if desired) and secure the any ends with hot glue.  If you need to use more than one length of ribbon, hide the end of the first length by wrapping it tightly under the beginning of the new length of ribbon.  I chose a soft, gray ribbon for the rim of the wreath and cut the ribbon in half to make thin pieces.  I purposefully tried to cover my jewelry wire with the ribbon, leaving a few twig areas exposed.

Wrap ribbon around the twigs to create a finished look.

This shot of my red wreath shows how I wrapped the ribbon around. I like the casual look of the ribbon and how the gems dress it up.  Oops!  I had to tuck that little piece of a bakery tie into the ribbon!

3.  Add final touches like beaded accents and dried florals with a glue gun.

I had a lot of fun choosing items to embellish my wreaths. A few dried flowers, pods, and leaves give this wreath a natural look.

I love how these red pods look like leaves glued alongside a beaded, glittery, flower-like accent.

4.  If you want to hang the wreath, use additional wire, a loop of ribbon, or a plastic hook.


♥ ♥     I had to let you readers know of a somewhat pleasant side-effect to this crafting project: my hands smelled like cinnamon for a while after I finished!  ~~MV