Crafting with a Cinnamon Broom, Part 1

A little over a week ago, I bought a cinnamon broom for $3.99 at the market.  It’s a bit too early for fall decor, if you ask me, (see my post “Thoughts on the Cinnamon Broom“) but I have been snipping away at the twigs to make some scented wreaths to decorate a blank wall at home.

Prior to beginning this project, I had never made a wreath before, but it wasn’t hard at all!  I used bronze-colored jewelry wire and bakery twist-ties to secure the twigs, but any wire will do.  I chose jewelry wire because it’s a bit softer to work with and was easier on my hands.  I used a wire cutter for the jewelry wire and a garden clippers to remove the twigs from the broom.

Here are the beginning steps to make a cinnamon broom wreath:

I made these bundles by cutting the broom fronds. Make your twig bundles as big and as long as you want. Bigger bundles = thicker wreath. Longer bundles = bigger wreath.

Jewelry wire, floral wire, or utility wire are all acceptable, as well as bakery ties!

Here is a close-up view of one of the wire bits I used to bind the twigs. You can see I wasn’t all that precise!

Here is the beginning of the wreath shape. Gently bend the twigs to make a circle.  It looks a little silly until it is all twisted together!

Here is the wreath base, twisted together into a circular shape.

To see how I finished the wreath with additional twigs, embellishments, and ribbon, stay tuned for Wednesday’s post!