Summertime White Sangria

Although sangria is not just for summer, this delicious white sangria that I made up for my writing group tomorrow is a feast for the eyes — full of bright colors from the nectarine, orange, and lime wedges and the halved green grapes that go for a lazy soak in light, sweet wine.

I initially thought about using peaches, but settled on nectarines because they were a bit firmer at the market.  I bet pears would be tasty too!

Be sure to pick fruit that has a good rind if you plan to leave the skin/rind on, as I did.  Wash the fruit thoroughly, and dry it on a towel before slicing and preparing this summery beverage!

Look at all those seasonal colors!

Summertime White Sangria
Makes about 6.5 cups.

1 nectarine, pitted, and cut into bite-size pieces
1 lime, rind-on, cut into bite-size pieces
1 orange, rind-on, cut into bite-size pieces
a generous handful of grapes (I used green)
2 bottles of white wine

»»  I chose Moscato, which is a sweet, dessert-type wine for this sangria recipe.  I also considered using Liebfraumilch.  Use your favorite white wine.  For crisper whites, consider adding additional simple syrup for sweetness.  Simple syrup is made with equal parts sugar and water and can be infused with herbs or fruits.  Yum.

about a shot of brandy

»»  I use an airplane bottle [available in liquor stores]it saves money on small amounts of liquor for cooking and cocktails!

1 shot of lime-flavored gin
1 shot of triple sec
2 shots of simple syrup (see note above)

Prepare the fruit.  Cut any large grapes in half.  I cut the fruit on a plate so I could preserve any juices to add to the sangria.

Nectarine, orange, and lime.

A few grapes. I used about 24 grapes.

Place the cut fruit in a large pot.  I used my big, stainless steel stock pot that is intended for soups or a crab boil.

This is the prepared fruit.

Add in the wine, brandy, gin, triple sec, and simple syrup.  You can add more brandy or gin if you like — sangria is made to taste.

Stir the fruit with the wine and spirits and refrigerate the pot overnight.

Stir occasionally in the hours before serving.


 I’ve checked another recipe off my Culinary Bucket List!  To see the red sangria I made earlier this summer, click here.