Thoughts on the Cinnamon Broom

Here we are, in the first few days of August, and what did I see at the store? A display of cinnamon brooms. I usually associate the cinnamon broom with autumn and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, but apparently they are making an early appearance this year!

I am always tempted to buy a cinnamon broom when I walk by and get a whiff of that spicy scent, but I haven’t done it yet. When I saw the brooms in the store yesterday, I found myself thinking of ways to divide the twigs and break up the broom so the fragrance wouldn’t be too overwhelming in my small home. As much as I love cinnamon in candles, potpourri, and cooking, if the odor is very strong, it makes me sneeze!

I decided to buy a broom this weekend and play around with the twigs/branches to make smaller bundles for our house. I’ll share the results with you next week!