A Literal Sort of Tea Caddy

Well, I’m finally feeling like a human being again, and so happy that it’s Friday!  This week has been a hard one for me, so I may spend some of tomorrow brainstorming White Sangria recipes to enjoy on the deck. On Sunday, I plan to remake homemade Nutella — sans soaked nuts!  But today’s post isn’t about white wine and fruit, or chocolate spread, it’s about a favorite drink of mine — tea, and home decor.

I just love this little accessory.

A few weeks ago, I picked up this cute, little teapot planter in a local shop for a few dollars.  It’s intended for a very small plant so that the tendrils and leaves can grow out the sides and spill onto neighboring surfaces.  I removed the rope that was tied out of the top, and placed it on my sideboard.  For some reason, I smile every time I see it.  Since I pass the teapot quite often, I started thinking about other ways to use it (especially with my recent spate of dead houseplants, see: MWF Seeks Sturdy Houseplant for Long-Term Relationship).

I think this glazed teapot would make a whimsical tea caddy for my next luncheon.  I can fit several packaged tea bags inside and stick it on the tray with my cream and sugar.  I love interspersing fun pieces into table settings — especially a clever “dish” like this.

I may also use the teapot as a tea light holder.  Since it has open sides and a hole at the top, this pot should be suitable to hold a small tea light candle in a cup.

I can’t wait to use my new home accessory, but for now I’ll just stare at it and smile.  Happy Friday!