One of Those Days…

I should be snacking on homemade Nutella right now, but I’m not. In my preparation of the recipe, I soaked the hazelnuts according to a reviewer who said it would make the spread smoother. Well, he lied.

In truth, soaking the hazelnuts robbed them of flavor (even after I toasted them) and ruined the consistency of my Nutella. Instead of chocolate-hazelnutty goodness, I was left with a weird, thick mess that looked like coffee grounds. Bah! It happens to us all, but it seems so terrible when one has promised oneself a piece of toast with homemade Nutella for an after-dinner treat. To make matters worse, I botched up dinner too!

Enough of a pity-party, I promise, but I’m not giving up: I’m re-making the Nutella this weekend and this time, I will win!