MWF Seeks Sturdy Houseplant for Long-Term Relationship

In the past 8-10 weeks I have destroyed two round and prickly cacti, a creeping vine, and one of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen: a burgundy, mint green, and pink-leafed Rex Begonia with gold flecks. I’m horrible with plants, but I won’t be deterred.

The newest addition to my houseplant collection.

This afternoon, I bought a round, red cactus atop a green stalk with a great shape and little nodes growing from it, but I have no expectations. I have learned that as well- intentioned as the folks at my local nursery are, and no matter how much I pamper them, some plants just don’t like me.

Hopefully, since this one is a cactus, my chances of success will be higher! On a positive note, I got several comments from passer-by on my way to check out on how cute this cactus is. If it does die on me like its friends, at least it will up the cute factor at my house for a week or so!