Red, White, and Blue Week: Outdoor Color

I headed to the local nursery today with plans to inject more color into my front yard.  The waves of heat that have inundated our area for the past month or so are wiping out my summer flowers: celosia, marigolds, dianthus, and snapdragon.  It has gotten so bad that my celosia look like alien life forms!  No matter how attentive we try to be with watering, our blooms still look pitiful and miserable.

I could see the obvious effects of the heat wave at the nursery — most of the flowers looked stunted and sparse, despite the diligent care of the employees.  I snapped a few photos to get ideas for new plants:

I have decided to plant my flowers in bands.  I came to this conclusion by observing some of my favorite landscaping plots around town.  As ma mère says “Plants like friends,” and I think she’s right.  The month of May was truly wonderful and early June was blissful too — won’t this heat abate and let me spend some time in the garden again?