Refreshing Red Sangria

Oh my goodness, I was so frustrated Wednesday evening trying to pick a new blog layout that the only cure is homemade red sangria with drunken fruit floating inside!  I definitely felt as though I was going to pull my hair out, but a swig of this sangria is making me feel much better!

This sangria is really good!

Red sangria is another item from my Culinary Bucket List, and as I mentioned in an earlier post: Super Veggie Samosas, I am doing two recipes this month to make up for skipping the month of May.  I was torn between trying to make red or white sangria first, so I decided to go with what I drink frequently know — red sangria.

As I was planning the recipe, I thought about the ingredients I’ve had in various sangrias over the years: orange slices, apple chunks, grapes, and delicious red wine immediately came to mind.  While I was doing online research, I came across many recipes that use carbonation of some kind, but I’ve never had it that way, and I consider myself a sangria aficionado, so I skipped it.

I also noticed that brandy, triple sec, and gin all seem to be used in sangrias, so I stocked up on each and did a little taste-testing in the kitchen until I liked the final combination.

Since we are preparing for a party, I decided to add a little fun and cut our guests’ initials out of apple slices with fondant cutters.  Miniature cookie cutters could also be used.  Release the fruit from the cutter with a paring knife if the shapes get stuck.

These are the sort of fondant cutters I used.

Refreshing Red Sangria
Makes about 10 cups.

1 red apple cubed or sliced and cut into shapes with a cookie or fondant cutter
1 orange, cut into thin slices or bite-size pieces
2 cups of grapes
3 bottles of red wine (I used a blush noir which is pretty sweet to start with)
1 shot of brandy
1 shot of lime-flavored gin
1 cup of triple sec

Prepare the fruit and place it in the bottom of a large pot.  I used my big, stainless steel stock pot that is intended for soups or a crab boil.

Add in the wine, brandy, gin, and triple sec.  You can add more brandy or gin if you like, but we thought the taste of this sangria was pretty spectacular as-is.

See the little letters in there? I can see J’s and N’s.

Stir the fruit in the wine and refrigerate overnight, stirring several times to incorporate the flavors until you are ready to drink!

Cooking Note:  I thought of this today, as I was posting the updated pictures, but I kept the apple skin and orange peel on the fruit.  Obviously the grapes are whole.  I suppose you could halve them, they might absorb more sangria that way!

Here is what the sangria looks like the next day:

Bits of orange pulp and heavier fruits, like the grapes, sink towards the bottom.

The apples get soft and full of sangria flavor, and the orange segments are especially tasty!

This sangria mixture is delicious and will be a party staple in my house!