Artichokes at Home

Why do I love the artichoke To me, it’s a shapely thistle that looks delicate and complicated all at once.  It is also welcoming, and apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so.  I am continually seeing artichokes in the pages of home magazines — on kitchen towels, lamp finials, and as framed botanical prints on walls.

A few months ago, I bought this shiny, artichoke candle holder after falling in love with it at a discount store.  It’s surprisingly hefty and adds just the right amount of oomph to my sideboard.

I initially wanted an artichoke lamp for my office, but the lamp I was coveting was bought by someone else, and so I settled for a modernist take on coral instead.  But I might still buy an artichoke lamp…

What sorts of objects do you use to decorate your home?  Do you have any common themes amongst your treasures?