The Power of Mint

Fresh mint.

This week, I was fortunate enough to spend a little time pampering myself.  Each of us certainly need to do that once in a while.  For me, the pampering was an eye rejuvenation treatment with invigorating essential oils and a mini facial massage.  It was the perfect anecdote to the tiredness I felt this week — I had a bout of “sandpaper eyes.”

After my session, I bought some hand and body cream that smelled of mint and a tea tree oil/witch hazel stick for my face.  I regularly use a tea tree oil and mint shampoo as well.  I find that it helps to wake me up on those mornings when I really don’t feel like getting out of bed.  There is something very exhilarating about breathing in the pungent scent of mint first thing in the morning.  Mint creams even help to relieve stress and headaches in a natural way.

I have been growing mint this summer, and trying to use it more frequently in cooking.  One of my favorite recipes is a fruit salad marinated in a honey/ginger/lime/mint dressing.  I combine some clover honey with fresh and pulpy lime juice and a bit of ground ginger to make a simple dressing.  Then, I finely chop a generous handful of fresh mint and add it to the dressing.  I pour the dressing over a blend of prepared fruit for a delicious side dish.  So refreshing!

 For a fun twist, vary the types of mint: chocolate mint, spearmint, etc.