Why I Love My Rosemary Bush

Last fall, I planted a Huntington Carpet Rosemary bush just as it was beginning to flower with delicate, bluish-violet blooms.

The bush is flourishing now in the warmer months and is growing like a weed over the top tier of my terraced garden.  See below.  It was growing so much, that we had to cut it back a bit so it didn’t look too mangy!  The only thing I have ever cut back before are my Chives, so I was very pleased!

This rambunctious thing is my Huntington Carpet Rosemary.

As a person who falls more in the gardening-challenged category of home growers, I am thrilled to find a plant that even I can’t kill.  It grows and meanders regardless of what I do.  I enjoy waking up in the morning and looking at the bush outside my window.  It seems to say to me, “We can make it through anything.”  The wonderful fragrance of the Rosemary wafts through the air when I sit outside on warmer nights.

If this particular type of Rosemary is available in your region, I highly recommend it.  Especially if you are looking for a gardening win.  Since the Celosia I had mon mari plant just two days ago are already looking wilted and sick, I’ll take every little victory I can get!

Here is an interesting post I came across on Celosia if you’re interested: http://blogs.worldwatch.org/nourishingtheplanet/celosia-nature%E2%80%99s-prettiest-vegetable/.  It’s an annual favorite of mine, and comes in all sorts of bright colors.  Hopefully, you’ll have better luck with it than I usually do.  It seems to do best for me later in the summer.