Landscaping Update

The weather has been interesting here lately.  Mild, but rather rainy.  It has taken me a few days to get some preliminary photos of our latest landscaping project.

Last month, we decided to edge the flower beds, herbs, and shrubs in our terraced garden, which I initially wrote about in my post “It’s Time for Landscaping… Again.”  First, we tried metal landscape edging, but that was a failure.  You can read about it here.  Then, we decided to use stone, but had some trouble locating just the right type.  Finally, we found a great local rock yard with an extensive selection of stone.  You can read about the search for stone here.  They even allowed us to pick through the pallets to color match our retaining wall block!

I especially wanted to show the yellowish/gray stones that I chose at the rock yard.  Here they are (please disregard all the haphazard dirt — we are still finishing up the trenches and the bottom tier):

These rectangular stones are similar to bricks, but they have unique outcroppings and features.

Here is another view… this was taken before we began filling in the gaps with dirt.

This is a shot of one of the curves in the flower beds of our tiered garden. I can’t believe how much I prefer this rock border to the metal edging!

I will be sure to post finished photos in the coming days — assuming the weather holds up!!  I will even try to get a shot of the decorative boulder we bought at the rock yard — I love the “pick pile!”